Saturday, August 25, 2007

i will post photographs from

i want to build a music machine this winter, and set up a syllabus for myself to learn all the specifics. i'm imagining a big box with lots of buttons that connect to tape loops and weird sounds. funny looking sketches to come, i promise. i'm in san francisco right now, visiting my brother. it's the first time i've ever been here and i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i'd like to buy brown pants or shoes in the morning. i am really tired.

oh, also: there's a secret cafe at my house on tuesday.

cafe goodbye, 6pm tuesday august 28th, 1054 fir st. SE, right by the water tower.

OH, i forgot to mention the part where i realized that i'd lost my wallet half an hour before i left for san francisco, which was majorly frustrating, but i have persevered and overcame the difficulties, arriving at the airport with $2 in my pocket and a bouquet of hope in my heart. i am keeping my spirits up, folks, and my brave little soul should make it through this harrowing ordeal. it's a good thing i don't have my shit together enough to have gotten a WA ID yet, because that shit would've been G-O-N-E.

also, i am planning on holing up in my newly painted bedroom and going cold turkey on socializing, since it is no fun anyway and i haven't been good about reading or working on 'don't worry, hannah, at least you're doing something cool!" projects.

1st step: finalllly finish passage to india
2nd step: finish the floating opera
3rd step: build music machine
last step: woo boys with my literary references and catchy tunes
inevitable post-final step: repeat similar cycle.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

my new book (that i made!)

also, this is a not-too-flattering photo from minneapolis, but it is the only one i took, so it will have to suffice. also, i was in minneapolis for a week TA-ing at the University of MN Design Camp, so that was cool. now, i am back in olympia and am throwing capitalization to the wind. I wrote a piece of writing that will be mailed out to those i deem least likely to criticize. i am looking for a #2 job. i moved into a lovely new room and i don't have a single piece of furniture.

this is my book. she is lovely.