Thursday, February 26, 2009

i have been thinking about how nice it would be to bake and sell cookies for extra money. I need to get better at gluten free baking, but i've got vegan and regz down pat. i'm looking at bulk supplies on If someone happens to have some weird bulk flour hookup, lemme know?

i just finished reading salman rushdie's shame, released 2 years before I was born. i'm not feeling eloquent enough to express my opinion at the moment, so i won't.

new york city food cooperatives:

south bronx food coop
flatbush food coop
east 4th st. food coop
park slope food coop

otherwise, i am lonely and sad and perhaps it is because i need to eat better food and maybe go running a few times a week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1. just made vegan rugelach for erika's going away party
2. all i do is listen to academy fight song

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i'm not judging you, i'm judging me.

my sister told me a story today that almost made me cry. i've been feeling restless and unhealthy. there's a place where i can take yiddish lessons on monday nights, think i might do it! i talked to mark on the phone tonight and felt really homesick and lonely for olympia. I'm going to try to stop eating sugar again, it's making me crazy and i'm breaking out and my face is always puffy. it's so cold too. i want to fix up my room and fix up my mood and fix up the future.

ew, have you heard the REM cover of academy fight song? it's so horrible.

rules: lean as far back as possible and hit buttons with toes.

my brother sent me this photo of my grandma and uncle freddy

today i am going to make dried apricot jam, hopefully to be a part of some gluten-free gingersnap sort of things.

Friday, February 13, 2009

an i hate new york day

this morning I went to dreamland exhibit at the MoMA with Oliver. By the way (and Oliver, I
hope that this doesn't embarrass you), one of the things I love most in the world about my twin brother is hearing him play Benny and the Jets on the piano whenever we're at our parents house. Anyway, this dreamland exhibition was so rad. It was super small, which bummed me out a little-- I wanted it to be gigantic and lose-yourself expansive. It brought me back to the feeling I had the first time I looked through Delirious New York, realizing how mystical and magical an imagination of a city could really be. It was so different from any kind of urban theory I'd ever known before. I remembered that I bought Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter right before I left Olympia, so I pulled it out from the jumbled mess of books I've got going, and that shit is tttiiiiiigghhhhttt! Here's some superstudio pictures from the internet:

ps: just to keep this thing legit, online journal style, I'm feeling super lonely and finicky today and I just can't seem to shake this crazy funk. Someone sent me flowers today , but I'm feeling too down and out to let my spirits get lifted. Sleep it off and be pumped tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my library card from 3rd grade still works, i've spent the morning watching replacements videos on youtube and putting books and videos and cds on hold at the nypl. i set up my room yesterday. i've been writing letters. i'm going to a yoga class at 12:30.

Friday, February 6, 2009

so I've been trying to find a consensus or mediation training workshop or skillshare. I'm sure there's something out there, but in the time being I've been having a really fun time doing internet research. I've stumbled across a few articles, journals and websites that deal with radical teaching. Here's an article on working towards a non-hierarchical classroom that I liked. Some of my favorite classes at Vassar were team taught, and I think that within an interdisciplinary major, that helped to complicate traditional classroom hierarchies. I'd like to read more about different ways of disrupting classroom dynamics and working with a more consensus-based structure.

Here is a website with a lot of writing on consensus and meeting structure

I'm still feeling weirdly homesick. This morning I spent 4 hours doing inventory at a toy store in exchange for free yoga classes. kind of awesome. I just spaced out and counted dinosaur puzzles and books about pirates and farm animal friends. I picked up a job application for this fancy bakery. I ate a lot of soy ice cream and caramel tonight and I feel so achey from it. Now I'm going to write a letter to Gina!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i want to be around people who love each other and know that life is a long party, because i'm not always like that, but i wish i was.