Friday, January 21, 2011

New Issue of the Hair Zine is out!!!

Issue #2 of the Hair Zine: Friends and Family is finally out. Featuring interviews with two moms on cancer, one mom comic, one dad story, and an interview with a hairdresser. new issue features a centerfold and bag of hair.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

my VHS collection

As of January 9, 2011

The pink panther strikes again
the Red Balloon
Diary of a mad housewife
episode #14 of the prisoner
episode #1 of twin peaks
The Princess Bride
Reality Bites
The Jesus and Mary Chain : videos 1985- 1989
Sonic Youth: Screaming fields of sonic love
Being John Malcovich
Drowning Mona
Sliding Doors
Stranger than paradise
Tank Girl
Hannah and Her sisters
Phat Beach
Nine Months

DVDs are:

Paper Rad: Trash Talking
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous stains (old bootleg)
Le Samourai
Branded to Kill
Take the Money and Run

in other news, this is the list that's making me feel best about my lazy old overworked self right now. time to leave the house and buy some coffee for goodness sakes. time to take a terrific vacation to the warmest place to be found instead of poaching candy canes off of the faded christmas tree in search of a fleeting sugar rush.time to quit patting myself on the back for a motley list of movies i barely make it all the way through.