Friday, October 19, 2007

i have been sick in bed all week and i am only barely recovering. i also have a big zit underneath my nose now, which is sickness-related i'm sure. my throat still hurts as well. i began work on the loneliest cookbook, and so far i have a recipe for a single gingersnap and a single carrot muffin. i would like to make a single serving of lasagna, one piece of sushi, a pig in a blanket, a miniature pie, maybe a mini-burger? the world's smallest baked potato for sure. i'm open to ideas.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

remember when we feasted upon vegetables of the earth?

sophmore year of college was a pretty great one. This is three years old.

And so, at the dusk of their parting for the mid-Month of October Break, the four convened at the Little White Cottage of Gittleman for a Rocktober (R)Feast of Roasted Root (R)Vegetables. Little Evan James peeled the lettuce and sprinkled with fresh-freak Spring Creek Water from the Brita Tap Filter Faucet System [END LINE]. Little K.-Lane-Chan-Czoka-Karina-Czoka-Karina-Lane-Czoka-Pants spent her preparation time, tended to the Cat Satallites in the backyard Field Vegetables Creek Field. Hannah HannahHorovitz Horovitz stirred the fake beef with just the right amount of canned spicey chili. The garlic and the onions and the black beans swelled together into a wonderful herbed mix of freak fresh water spout decliciousness! Oh what a feast it was turning out to be!! Last but not least, it was Topher F. Maherikans who battered the buttered unbutter potatoes with just the right amount of splish splashed riff-raff schmenkie joint, for the perfect aroma of smells! It was the turning and tossing and flipping and spinning as his eyes were bright with popping -freak water! And so, as the four let the schmenkie-rif-raf-cabbage-potato-radish-turnips-mini-onions sizzle and pop in the yellow metal oven, the four shared a delicious plastic bowl of peeled lettuce, chopped onions and the special treat of a young finger carrot, specially peeled by Topher F and fingernailed by the Scoundrelish H.H. Hororvisions. Sca-sca-sca!!! Upon the moon reaching its penultimate positioning in the frigid 37 degree pelucid-atmospheric-sky, the four used red mits to subtract the lengthy horizontally rectangular metal pans from the charming yellow oven and Little Evan James feasted on the spicey chili and Roasted Root Vegetable Dinner Foods. And so, upon stuffing their rounded faces with such a declicious cornocopia of different colored feasted root freak-water vegetables, they all sat back in their chairs and passed around the computer, poking each other all through the festive night!! And so, my young compartment companions, this Dolphin Afterlife Lion Iron On Cat Satellites should be a lesson to you! Sca-sca-sca-----SCOUNDREL!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i signed up to take my GREs on February 4th at noon. I should probably take some photographs of the cassette tapes and books I bought for $3 at the library sale. Daniel Johnston live at SXSW in 1990 and the replacement's suck, both distributed by k... sonic youth's washing machine, they might be giant's flood, the shangri-la's 12 greatest hits...i don't know, good stuff.

this is a lame blog that i have been writing. i am deeply sorry.