Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i'm taking a break from taco-blogging to point out that hugh grant is (kind of) a dead ringer for a young andrew jackson.

my taco-blogging is gunna move outta town, to a new spot at

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the neverending taco

well gosh, i'm really falling off this taco wagon. taco truck.

these are my taco stories these past days:
july 6th: too late taco night. i almost lost hope and bought a plane ticket instead. roommate came home as promised, later than expected, but the damage was done and i was feelin' all anxious and angry. picked some little fights over bean tacos with mango salsa and leftovers from grub. felt like a jerk and slept fitfully after eating too much sugar.

july 7th: worked my 14 hour day, returned home on bicycle, failing in my pectin-procurement mission. no red currant jelly yet. as i rode my bike down st. marks st. sans mes mains, i decided that my tacos would be tempeh with squash and onions. they were delicious.

by the way, i know that this must be so boring to read. a food blog with no pictures and some pretty bland meal descriptions, more than spattered with(practically obscured by!!) inane anecdotes and tangential thoughts. luckily, this particular blog all but exists in a vacuum, so i'm not feelin' too guilty. maybe i will start drawing pictures of my tacos, or eating in front of the computer. you know, for visual interest.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i'm too sleepy to really talk about tacos, butttt

july 4th: independence taco: eaten alone at home. tofu, tomato, avacado
july 5th: breakfast taco: eggs as tortillas with avacado and greens inside.

my tacos will get alot better, as i brought home some salsa from grub. i also found a spot on myrtle ave that's got mexican grocery stuff up front and a restaurant in back. gunna go! (i might go to my brothers in dirty jerz on tuesday night. fun?!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

taco day 3
worked late and didn't eat dinner til 9pm. made myself a tofu and zucchini taco with watercress. total hippy fest. now i'm super tired.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

day two of my self-imposed taco challange

july is tacos-everyday-month.

day 1.
frustrated dinner of one taco, mushroom with salsa and avacado from a mexican restaurant somewhere in crown heights. it was very tasty, but the experience was tarnished by anxiety about being the only person not drinking and also being too tired and eating too late with too many people around.

day 2.
shitty lunch at chipotle in the middle of an insane torrential downpour. chipotle sucks and the only way to make it better is with a lot of hotsauce. also, they don't have corn tortillas for tacos????? bummer, man. whatever, it's a taco and as i'm only too days in, I don't think i've got much to complain about. maybe i'll eat tacos for dinner too!

stay tuned for 28 more taco stories...