Friday, May 30, 2008

Tomorrow I will fly back to New York for a week. It was my last day working in the warehouse today, and I can't wait to come back to Olympia and spend my time away from work. I'd like make a huge jesus and mary chain painting. I'll sit outside reading books and drinking brass monkeys, talking on my cell phone and buying things on ebay. I will keep my room clean and do my laundry. I will ride my bicycle and wear shorts. I will be more fashion forward, and on a tight budget too!

I am excited about Community Print, I am excited about warm nights and barbeques, I am looking forward to summertime and not talking about relationships. I am thinking of chopping off all of my hair and wearing cut-off shorts. I have plans to write letters to people nearby. all I ever want to do is listen to jesus and mary chain cassettes and think about boys. both at once totally rules. I'm doing it right now.

today i watched Green Porno, and it is great. The Bee is my favorite.

here are more things I really love:

I'm quitting cereal and dairy again, forever this time.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Was Aquaman always blonde? I remember an underwater superhero with dark hair and really high eyebrows. I'm going back to New York-Boston on may 31st. I'm having dramatic issues with my bike-- the sidewall on my front tire blew out and i haven't bought a new one. maybe i'll get one on ebay.