Friday, December 28, 2007

~*New Years !!REVOLUTIONZ!!*~

This Years REZOLUTIONZ (to be amended and revised throughout the year)

-don't get dumped in an uncomfortable way (i think this counts as foreshadowing)
-pump iron and get tuff
-no more vegan, lots of yogurt!!
-more manicures
-save money, spend wisely and frugally
-make a few more mistakes before i'm old enough that they begin to be a little inappropriate
-make up my mind about the future and stop horsing around already
-learn to crochet
-sew, knit embroider and make books
-have a remarkably flattering haircut
-make kombucha
-acquire some new skills
-lighten up
-begin work on a project that i'm really excited to tell people about
-hang out with my mom as often as possible
-get rid of some of my junky stuff
-travel whenever the opportunity arises
-continue writing letters
-make a video mixtape
-eat less sugar
-host potlucks
-wear contact lenses
-buy some fashionable shoes
-read proust and foucault, as well as up and coming young authors.
-see things in a hopelessly romantic way whenever possible
-if i'm going to move back to new york, make a real go of it and don't end up being miserable
-finish my stop animation film, "the world's smallest baked potato" and its accompanying cookbook of little foods.
-PLEASE tidy my room this year!!
-adventures all around
-drink hot chocolate when it snows
-get stoned, by myself probably
-send more cassette tape letters
-record a song with alexia
-get a second job
-quit wearing the same clothing day in and day out
-avoid moderation, except where it will be more fun (like with sweets, in order to avoid sore stomach and absurd weight gain)

last years resolutions

1) drink tons of water everyday (sporadically achieved!)
2) eat lots and lots of fiber (always)
3) have a really awesome time whenever possible (debatable)
4) got sledding a lot (not in the least)
5) fix my stuff when it breaks (you bet)
6) write hundreds of letters (fuck yeah)
7) keep my room pretty tidy pretty often (not in a trillion years)
8) lots of mix tapes (only a few. bummer)
9) look bangin' as often as possible (not in my opinion)
10) don't let my feet grow any bigger (if only)
11) act like a grown up (no)
12) do something great after graduation (who can tell yet)
13) make out with millions of hot guys (nope)
14) be super healthy and love it (nope)
15) don't let it get to you, you know? (I let it get to me)
16) dumpster dive all over the place (up until may)
17) return sneakers instead of letting them sit in the closet, gathering dust (dusty)
18) knit some more stuff (not even a stitch)
19) make as many mistakes as can possibly be squeezed into a single 2007, in a fun way (i don't know. apparently not)
20) learn how to play backgammon and bridge and mah jong (i learned mah jong)
21) get really good grades. stellar grades. (pretty good!!)
22) go to sleep at a reasonable hour, unless out making mistakes (yep)
23) start eating breakfast (umm)
24) don't start eating cake for breakfast or anything stupid like that (ummmmmmmmm)
26) get stoned (once!oh wait, twice!)
27) coerce people into hanging out in my room (yeah right. I hate that)
28) fix up my bike into a hot machine (now it's broken)
29) learn how to circuit bend and other cool shit (nope)
30) paint my toenails more often (not even once!)
31) vacuum my room sometimes (no)
32) get rid of ratty old clothing, replace with awesome new shit (i got rid of it into my parents basement)
33) more adventures (olympiadventure)
34) more art projects (and how)
35) less stressing out (impossible)
36) more getting drunk outside (too cold)
37) sign up for free classes whenever the opportunity arises (n/a)
38) don't lose touch with anyone that i like (oops)
39) lose touch with people I don't really care about (fantastic job!)
40) video games are pretty dumb and i'm glad i don't play them (still going strong)
41) hang out on my roof more, probably on my sonic youth beach towel (i moved)
42) avoid close talkers (met a few, stood far away)
43) look into getting a murphy bed (kind of joking i guess)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

this is a mixtape that i made for jean that is indubitably like me at 14, 15, 16 and not very much like me now. I was all caught up in the 4am feelings, and nothing could shake it save the sober morning light. I'm sending it anyway, on principle.

1. Lyn Taitt- Soul Food
2. Pavement- Here
3. Sonic Youth- Tuff Gnarl
4. Unwound- No Tech!
5. 311- Prisoner
6. Thee Headcoatees- Ce Plan Pour Moi
7. Jonathan Richman- Give Paris One More Chance
8. Palace Brothers- I Send my Love to You
9. Herman Dune- These Arms of Mine
10. Velvet Underground- I'll be Your Mirror
1. Woody Allen- Lost Generation
2. Telephone- Le Vadou
3. Dictators- Sleeping With the TV on
4. Xray Spex- Germ Free Adolescence
5. Lee Ronaldo- The Bridge
6. Smog- Rock Bottom Riser
7. LCD Soundsystem- New York I Love You, But You're Bringing me Down
8. The Smiths- How Soon is Now?

i'm in new york and my mom is out of the hospital. I sewed a handkerchief this evening. I'm feeling really guilty about going out, so I haven't really hung out with anyone. Maybe I will go out tomorrow night. Brandon called me on Christmas when He, Hallie, Craig and Emily were watching movies at our house. It made me homesick. I'm feeling a bit lonely and bummed out as well. I'm eating brunch with Ollie and Uncle Sol tomorrow, and then to the MoMA with Colleen. Perhaps we will call Drummer and pretend it's Olympia.

It's time for this little sourpuss to get off the internet and curl up with a lovely book before bedtime. happy 2:45 am.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

this is the sentimental mix cd i made for my older sister. it's a little like me at 16, 18, 21 and now.

1. Beat Happening- Hey Day
2. Yo La Tengo- Stockholm Syndrome
3. X- cyrano de berger's back (rehearsal)
4. Frog Eyes- Picture Framing The Gigantic Men Who Fought On Steam Boats
5. The Fall- What You Need
6. Cambodian Rocks Compilation- Track 3
7. Lee Ranaldo- The Bridge
8. Jeffrey Lewis- Seattle
9. Thanksgiving- I Forgot Your Name
10. The Microphones- Karl Blau
11. Smog- Rock Bottom Riser
12. Dear Nora- Suicide Song
13. Asobi Seksu- New Years
14. BARR- The Song Is The Single
15. Herman Düne- Why Would That Hurt? (If You Never Loved Me)
16. ? And The Mysterians- 96 Tears
17. Cat Power- Colors And The Kids
18. Viking Moses/ Spenking- Two More Miles

Thursday, December 20, 2007

cool music videos

You know, these past few months have left me feeling an imposing lack of inspiration, motivation and creativity. I've fallen terribly in love with people and places, but I've left behind whatever it was that kept me going in years past. I'm in New York right now, at my parents house, not getting anything done. Today I visited my mother and we went up to the recreation room and glued together wooden model-toys. tomorrow we are going to sew felt stuffed animals. on my own, I am going to make mix-videos and mix-tapes for the boys and girls i love to dearly. erika and i are going to watch joseph cornell short films tomorrow evening, and then anna and i will watch Hannah and Her Sisters at midnight.

eraserhead is also screening in new york city.

by the way, i want to move far away to somewhere charming and nice.