Sunday, April 29, 2012

fucking shoes:(

damn, i want these shoes so bad, but all the sneakerheads on ebay are bidding hundreds of dollars.

ooooh, i like these ones too!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

today i worked at the pizzeria and it was so busy. i hung out with jean in the morning and he gave me his purple sweatshirt with the neon air jordan logos embroidered on it. I am so happy, as I've admired that sweatshirt for years! I am so tired. so grumpy. so disappointed in myself for being so tired and grumpy instead of fun and young and carefree. tomorrow is the first day that i will be fun and young and carefree because i am going to skip work if i feel like skipping work, and if i feel that way, i am going to make coffee and breakfast at home and do a fucking crossword puzzle!

and while i'm feeling grumpy, fuck the internet for wasting all my time when i could have been doing some really meaningful shit. i did make a watercolor of lisa simpson, so i guess the whole day's not a total bust.

i think i look pretty in this photo, so here it is.

Friday, April 27, 2012

"master tom"

nothing new!!!!!

I got my new email address for graduate school yesterday! immediately emailed nadia, the only person i know at PNCA. absolutely immediately.

So yeah, I've  been spending too much time dreaming about portland apartments and freaking out about how much money it'll cost to live there--probably need to gag on a chill pill and quit thinking so hard about it, cause I'm planning on taking out student loans so I don't have to work while I'm in school... and hopefully take this certificate program at the IPRC. Maximize my debt-time.

I just got back from California yesterday. Got to hang out with K-pup for a solid week of fun and sun. Went to a goth club in LA with Lizet and walked out to see a fire hydrant geysering water into the air higher than the surrounding buildings, bought some rad dudes playing cards in San Francisco and played dungeons and dragons with Blair and Jake in Berkeley. Those are just the highlights. I will BLOG my photos eventually. They are mostly of Kendra in front of different things that we saw.

You know how right before people move, they absolutely fall in love with their old home and start having serious doubts about the future? Well, it doesn't seem like that's going on for me. It's been really hard to not feel super checked out and totally done with life here. Maybe it's time to sit around a bonfire or go out to the bar more often or actually make out with someone. put some sizzle back into life. whatever. or just stick it out til I move on to a life of burying my greasy little head in some books and riding my soggy bike through the rain.

i've been pretty stoked on this lady, alice austen. she was a gay jock photographer and total ham who hung out with her girlfriends-- dressing up in drag, playing sports and taking photos in the late 1800s.

I have also been really into this book, mostly for the goofy lions and cool clock towers.

I got a new ring!

(hi ollie and kendra!!!! I think you're the only two people who read this, so I am updating just for you from now on! My dad told me a story about being in San Francisco and a bunch of hippies getting mad at him cause he was nervous about something and was harshing their high.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

things i own that i am so into

a drafting table! (that i bought today!)
a pendleton blanket (that i bought today....for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!)
my simpsons guitar pick
stretch pants