Friday, May 29, 2009

the truth i've seen in the world, through my very own eyes and no one elses.

1. haiku for my neighbors
will you please pick up
the dog shit by my window
it stinks in the rain

2. the correlation between my misery and the frequency of checking my voicemail is insubstantial and false. at the best of times, i'm bad at it, and right now i'm miserable.

3. i'm also passive aggressive.

4. our whole lives are a struggle, we've gotta love the way we struggle, and accept that sometimes the struggle itself is the entire experience. we've gotta remember that someone will always disagree, and be struggling for something different.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i woke up at 8:30 and read . then i planted in the garden, then i went to a hare krishna temple for lunch. then i sat in bergen street comics and read jeffrey brown and fantagraphics comics for a few hours. then i came home and i've been snacking and watching fishing with john for the last couple of hours. i discovered that we have a mouse. yesterday i painted my bathroom with chalkboard paint, the 2nd coat while i was slightly intoxicated and certainly exhausted. it's a little sloppy.

I wanna have crushes on boys, dunno who to crush out on. don't hang out with anyone really. i think it's just the graphic novels talking. i think it's just the new york city talking. i think it's the lonely bikerides talking. there's no way it could be me talking, because i don't wanna date cute boys or ever have fun or exciting times. at some point i've gotta own up to romance cravings. the internet seems like a good place to start.

i've had about 6 cups of coffee today.