Thursday, May 16, 2013

my only human interaction today lasted for less than a minute. I am finding the end of this semester to be deeply disturbing. 

and my eyes are tired.

The depths of my procrastination

I've spent the morning procrastinating from writing my thesis. Haven't watched a single youtube video. What I HAVE done is 1. compile a wishlist/reading list of books on America culture in the 1930s 2. Look up authors that I'm reading a lot of and see where the teach/ if they're chairing any graduate programs.

my life is fucked.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

just gotta purge it

Saturday to Saturday, I can safely say that this week fucking sucked. not every moment. not without moments of respite and relief, but it very fully and significantly was a real fucking bummer. I didn't cry, I didn't throw anything, or storm out of anywhere, or yell or shriek or howl, but I did feel: sad, insecure, scared, exhausted, overworked, disempowered, unprepared, misunderstood, lonely, isolated, boring, inarticulate, stupid, paralyzed, hopeless, and foolish.

a feeling's just a feeling, and i just feel that shit hard. this week is fucking over and good riddance.

new month, new marks.
9:30am: have had enough coffee to render myself incapable of complex thought, human interaction, or maintaining the dryness of my palms.

better blog about it!!!!