Friday, November 23, 2012

i forgot how much i love reading!

after a night of complaining about graduate school and overeating, i lost my cell phone somewhere in between the house and the road, along an unlit driveway. le bummer! I am now forced to spend the time lounging on the couch, reading Donald Worster's Dust Bowl.  Very stoked. The morning was spend emailing out articles to people who probably are not all that interested in reading them, but I'm trying to incubate that facet of my personality, so beware. If this works out, I will be a third generation article-sender, following in the tradition of great uncle ken and my mother.

I have been trying to think of personality in spacial terms. I like the way it feels. For instance, I think of my different spheres of interest-- American history, social justice, home furnishings, cooking, sneakers, nail polish, punk and underground music--in terms of space. Some people I know share some of that space, but I don't really know anyone who shares it all, and I'm pretty sure I would blindly hate them if they were out there. BUT, it's kind of comforting to think of all those interests as living in different places.

no more procrastination! onwards!